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Infinity Sun

Where Sunless Tanning & Timeless Beauty Unite

We also offer "Infinity Sun" Custom Airbrush Spray Tans.  Infinity Sun is a multi-treatment system.

Treat yourself to Infinity Sun's nourishing skin treatments, including anti-aging sunless tanning, Ph Balance normalization, anti-aging or shimmer treatments and watch your skin be transformed.

We offer this custom Airbrush Spray Tan for $29- & Rapid Ultra Dark for $39-

Infinity Sun Anti-aging sunless tanning is an all natural sunless tanner made with anti-oxidants and pure botanicals that leave your skin radiantwith a natural-looking golden brown glow.

Before you indulge your skin in the ultimate sunless tanning experience, request Infinity Sun's unique aloe blend to hydrate the areas of the body that are more porous, enabling the sunless tanner to penetrate more evenly into the skin, resulting in a better wearing tan.

After your sunless tanning experience, rejuvenate your skin with Infinity Sun's Anti-aging or hydrating shimmer treatment and watch the dryness disappear and uncover your skins natural radiance.

Preparation & Aftercare:

For the optimal sunless tanning experience, make sure you follow Infinity Sun's recommendations for preparation and aftercare.  This will ensure you abtain the best results possible from your Infinity Sun experience.


  • Shower
  • Shave
  • Exfoliate with Infinity Sun's non-abrasive body polisher.  Only use an abrasive exfoliant up to 3 days prior to your infinity Sun session as this will create abrasions that will interfere with the evenness of the application.
  • Do not wear lotion
  • Do not wear deodorant
  • Indulge in the Infinity Sun Ph Balance Normalization treatment
  • Wear loose, dark clothing and open toed sandals


  • Wait until the following day to shower or sweat
  • Do not swim, as this will remove the sunless tanner
  • Use the Extend to keep the skin hydrated and make the tan last longer
  • Use the Infinity Sun aerosal to touch up the face, hands and feet between Infinity Sun Sessions